Avenger from Okiennik Wielki

Majestic Okiennik Wielki Rock… There is a beautiful legend about it, let me tell you the story…

Once upon a time, hundreds of years ago when Morsko castle was full of knights and dames, its owner had a beautiful daughter. The girl was also smart and kind, so everybody loved her really much. She chose to give her heart to a brave, handsome but very poor nobleman.

Unfortunately, her father did not accept her decision. He tried to persuade his daughter that this young man was a bad choice, but unavailingly… She did not want to listen about anybody else, her heart was with her lover.

Then the father got furious and closed disobedient daughter in the castle’s dungeon. She in her desperation and pain decided not to accept any food… After a few weeks, the poor girl died.

The young nobleman went insane in his pain and sorrow. He called his friends and subjects, prepared his private little army, and decided to fight the cruel father of his love. However his squad was rather small in number and poor in weapons and he was not able to conquer the Morsko Castle. Therefore he decided to besiege it.

The vengeance-seekers chose Okiennik Wielki Rock for their headquarters. The rock’s caves provided them shelters and the “window” was a great spotting place. They were able to spot everybody exiting or approaching the castle. To all those people there was no mercy. Everybody had to die or to be expelled. The residents of the castle started to starve…

Okiennik Rock
Okiennik Rock

And then the owner of the castle and his crew decided to open the gates, leave their safe place, and fight in the open field… But the fury and pain of the young nobleman were stronger than their arms and ammunition… The castle’s crew lost the battle… And the furious lover destroyed the fortress so till today it is in ruins…

Castle Bakowiec in Morsko
Ruins of Morsko (Bakowiec) Castle

If you ask locals if this story is a true one, they will suggest you visit the nearby village of Kromolow and its church. One of the doors to the sacristy is believed to be originating from Okiennik Wielki fortress, from the times when the furious squad was searching for the vengeance…

View from Okiennik Wielki
View from Okiennik Wielki