Black dog of Ogrodzieniec Castle

Like every old castle, the fortress of Ogrodzieniec has its legend, its ghost…

There are numerous accounts saying that during some moonlit nights a huge black dog appears within the castle’s premises. This scary creature walks around the ruins howling and dragging heavy, few meters long chain.

Everybody who saw this animal swears that it is much bigger than any known breed and that it looks really, really scary… I personally had a chance to speak with some residents of Ogrodzieniec and nearby villages – their reports were really bloodcurdling…

castle in Ogrodzieniec by night
castle in Ogrodzieniec by night

Locals believe that it is not a normal dog but the soul of 17th-century nobleman Stanislaw Warszycki repenting for his sins…

Actually, Warszycki seems to be quite a controversial personage. He was a great Polish patriot who strongly supported Polish King John II Casimir Vasa during the Swedish Deluge. Many times, Warszycki proved his bravery and extreme commitment to his homeland. He was also a very successful entrepreneur who made all his lands and estates flourishing… But in the memories of local people, he remains an extremely cruel and mean personage. The folk stories indicate his inhumanity and fact, that Warszycki treated not only his servants but also his own family members like slaves. Everybody was terribly scared of him. The legend says that he built a special torture chamber at Ogrodzieniec castle. You can still visit its remains today. It so-called “Meczarnia Warszyckiego”, placed on the north side of the external courtyard, inside outer walls.

According to the legends Warszycki had contacts with the devils, with whom he used to even make some businesses during his life. For example, it is believed that it was a devil who helped him to protect his fortress in Dankow during the Swedish Deluge. Castle of Dankow and the cloister in Czestochowa are the only fortress that Swedes did not manage to conquer. What’s more, locals say that in the end, Warszycki did not die his own death… According to the local tradition, the demons took him to hell directly, where they ripped out Warszycki’s soul and turned it to the huge black dog who has to stay forever on the Earth, repent for the sins, and protect his castle.

What’s interesting you can hear a similar story about the ruins of Dankow Castle. However – with one difference there; in Dankow, the repenting soul of Warszycki is haunting the castle’s area as headless horseman…

Who knows, maybe if you decide to make the walk around the castle’s outer walls during the night, you might meet the huge black dog and add your comment to this story… Local tradition says any time between 11 pm and midnight should be good… Or maybe you manage to spot another ghost? The one that does not have its own written legend yet?

And even if the specters do not show up – the night stroll around the castle is definitely an amazing experience!
Every night the ruins of Ogrodzieniec castle are beautifully illuminated. The lights and magical scenery make the ghosts’ hunting unforgettable event!

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