Climbing in Polish Jura

Welcome to climbers’ paradise!

Polish Jurassic Upland is the biggest climbing region in Poland with around 10.000 different routes of different grades. Climbing in Polish Jura is one of the most popular sport activities.

Bedkowska Valley
Climbers in Bedkowska Valley

The most popular places to climb are (in random order):

  • Dolina Bedkowska (Bedkowska Valley) – around 25 km from Cracow, offers nearly 70 routes with one of the most famous Polish rock’s peaks. Let’s give an example of three of them. The first one is the highest rock’s peak of the Polish Jura – it is called Sokolica. This is an impressive rock with 60-meter-high walls, Nearby we can find famous as well: Iglica (the Needle) or Dupa Slonia (literally elephant’s arse).
  • Dolina Bolechowicka (Bolechowicka Valley). This valley offers five peaks which are in the near neighborhood, but with the different levels of difficulty.
  • Dolina Kobylanska (Kobylanska Valley) is situated on the other side of Bedkowice valley and village. As the previous one, it offers different kinds of peaks; tall and difficult as well as low and relatively easy.
  • Dolina Kluczowody (Kluczowody Valley) – It’s home to one of Jura’s most challenging peaks. Above all, Jaskinia Mamutowa (‘Mammoth’s Cave’, also called ‘Wierzchowska Dolna’). Its difficulty level stretches from 5.5 to 5.15a in YDS.
  • Mirow and Bobolice – the area between these two little villages with medieval castles’ ruins if full of different limestone formations. That is to say, there are eight peaks in this area. For instance, the most popular one is Turnia Kukuczki (Kukuczka’s Alp), named after Jerzy Kukuczka – famous Polish alpine and high-altitude climber, who conquered all fourteen eight-thousanders in less than eight years. Turnia Kukuczki’s walls reach 20 meters. In addition, this peak offers 39 routes with difficulty levels ranging from 5.6 to 5.13c in YDS. The choice is great and the views are astonishing!
  • Clock’s Rocks. The range of rocks near Smolen castle and Pilica village. Certainly, the really picturesque formation of rocks with different climbing difficulty levels and beautiful nature around. Moreover, there is also a legend explaining the rock’s name; you can read it here.
  • Rzedkowice / Podlesice with Okiennik Wielki Rock – both villages Rzedkowice and Podlesice claim to be “Poland’s rock climbing capital”. Consequently, there are quite a lot of climbing schools based in the area. Importantly for all alpinists, both villages are well-prepared to host visiting climbers. Above all, some rocks and routes in this area exceed 30 meters. For example, Okiennik’s route has 32 meters at its highest point and includes 81 routes, with difficulties ranging from 5.3 to about 5.14a in YDS. Other popular rocks in the area are Biblioteka (‘Library’), Apteka (‘Pharmacy’) as well as Góra Zborów – a hill which contains various walls to climb. As a result of all the above, Rzedkowice’s rocks were and are one of the favorite training places of Polish alpinists. A good example to mention is Wanda Rutkiewicz; Polish mountain climber and the first woman to reach the summit of K2 as well as the third woman to climb Mount Everest. After reaching the peak of Everest she left there a tiny piece of Rzedkowice’s limestone …
View from Okiennik Wielki
View from Okiennik Wielki – huge rock which is a symbol of climbing in Polish Jura

Krakowska Gate
Krakowska Gate

To sum up, climbing in the Polish Jura is definitely a wonderful experience. Even if you have never tried climbing before, maybe it is a moment to discover a new hobby?