Horse trekking in Polish Jura

Before I give my hint about visiting Jura in the saddle, I would like to emphasize that horses are beloved in Poland and you will normally not find the horse meat in the shops.

Horse breeding has an extremely long history in Poland. Polish horses are famous throughout the world. Poles breed full-blooded English horses, purebred Arab horses and Anglo-Arab breeds, Tarpans (wild descendants of original steppe horses) and Huculy (a breed kept by East Carpathian mountaineers).

Jura is famous of its Jurassic Horse Trekking Trail (marked always with orange circles). The trail is ca. 250 kilometers long, it starts in Czestochowa and continues through Olsztyn, Zrebice, Zloty Potok, Ostreznik, Lutowiec,  Mirow, Bobolice,, Zdow, Morsko, Zerkowice, Karlin, Chechlo, Rabsztyn, Paczoltowice, Rudawa till Nielepice and finally till Krakow.

What is of course very important, there are numerous stud farms on the way, where both horse and the rider can find rest and accommodation; for example in :

  • Mirow
  • Zloty Potok
  • Karlin
  • Ryczowek
  • Zawada
  • Nielepice
Jura's horse trekking trail
Jura horse trekking trail – photo source – PTTK