How to get there?

Polish Jura is easily reachable from Krakow or Katowice airport but if you wish to arrive there from Poland’s capital city – Warszawa- it will also not be a problem.

Arriving from Katowice, Krakow or Czestochowa by train would also be a good choice. There are many trains daily from Warszawa or Katowice which stop in Zawiercie; and Zawiercie calls itself “the gate to Polish Jura”. This town is conveniently placed in the middle of this picturesque Upland.

If you are around by car – that’s also fine, the highway A4 which is passing from Polish – German border through whole country to Ukrainian border will also bring you nearby . The same can be said about so called “Amber Highway”, A1 which joins Katowice with Warsaw.

Maps of highways and speedways in Poland
Map of Polish Highways and Speedways – source Wikipedia

I would recommend to start exploring the region or from Cracow (south), or Czestochowa (north) or Zawiercie (middle).

For all who need more detailed information I include some useful links below;

Polish Railways:

Domestic and International Buses:

And as always – please feel free to contact me in case you need support or advice in organizing your trip!