If you are visiting Polish Jura in September- please make sure you participate in Juromania!

Every year during one September’s weekend, local authorities and governments organize big Jura’s festival called Juromania. If you happen to be around Jura, or even generally in south Poland during these days, I strongly recommend participating in these celebrations. By the way, every year already in August I publish Juramania’s schedule and biggest attractions in my website’s News section.

It is definitely an unforgettable experience! You may travel from town to town, from village to village, visit all the castles on the Eagles Nests Trail – and you will find a lot of going on everywhere. Juromania is all around! Colorful events, night shows – carnival’s atmosphere and really a lot to learn and experience!

Juromania historical show
Juromania – colorful and unforgettable festival of Polish Jura

So what is usually going on during three days of Juromania (always Friday till Sunday)? Every year the events are a bit different but there are always the following attractions available. In brief they would be:

  • historical re-enactment; medieval knights’ or Slavic warriors’ shows and battles,
  • art and craft, together with cooking workshops
  • ancient dance or music shows
  • tasting of local specialties
  • tasting of historical dishes, trying the old recipes
  • light and sound shows, fire-shows
  • concerts of popular music groups or classical music shows
  • contests for children, like for example treasures’ searching or historical quizzes
  • visiting local museums or castles for free
  • historical fashion shows
  • markets organized especially for tourists full of local handicrafts and delicious treats
  • colorful, historical parades
  • sport events
  • climbing workshops and shows
  • possibility to visit the places that are normally not accessible for tourists (like night walk through Bledowska Desert)
  • lectures regarding local culture and history

In conclusion, every Juromania is a big event, it is like a history lesson, garden party, amusement park, and carnival parade mixed together. Therefore everybody, children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly will find something exciting for themselves during this fantastic weekend. Just check the schedule, make up your plan (probably even if you try really hard, you will not be able to participate in all events…) and enjoy Polish Jura’s festival – Juromania!

How about watching short movie from last year’s (2019) Juromania? You could see what it is all about and why I am so excited about it…