Legends from Lipowiec Castle

As all the fortresses on the Eagles’ Nests’ Trail also the Lipowiec Castle has own legends. According to them, every night around the midnight scary visitors appear around the ruins; ghosts and unexplained shadows… Creatures who echo the castle’s history… History of many, many centuries.
Let me present you the legends from Lipowiec castle.

Lipowiec Castle
Lipowiec Castle

If you decide to stay around the ruins during the night, you might meet the 15th century Bishop of Cracow – Zbigniew Olesnicki. How that may be possible? Well, there are people who would swear that they saw him arriving at the castle’s courtyard in a black carriage drawn by six black horses… The witnesses pointed out that every time this noble clergyman stepped out from his carriage, they heart the thunder and then that horrifying scene simply disappeared. Leaving the air around cold, quite freezing (even during warm summer nights). And that they felt something terrifying around…

The other version of this story says, that shortly after the famous bishop, (who was by the way responsible for one of the Lipowiec’s extensions and renovations), gets out from the carriage, the soldiers and executioners drag out a young priest from it. And just a short moment after this poor man is being executed in the middle of the castle’s courtyard… Well, it is not surprising knowing the history of Lipowiec fortress… For centuries it served as a prison for clergymen and place of seclusion for the priests who did not obey moral rules… If you wish to know more about the castle’s history, please read this article.

What are the other legends from Lipowiec Castle? The next one is also connected with its prison’s function… During the Reformation time, the castle’s dungeon was really full of prisoners. Priests who might get to close to the “new wave”. One of them, young Italian catholic priest, Francesco Stancarro, who was sentenced for advocating the Reformation’s thesis, fell in love with the daughter of the fortress’s administrator. The young lady did not reject his feelings… On the contrary. She decided to organize the escape for herself and her lover. The legend says the escape was successful. Francesco lowered himself from the tower’s window using the rope his beloved lady provided. It was in 1550. Therefore some believe that the ghost of a young lady wearing in white, that appears from time to time near to the tower, must belong to the Stancarro’s lady- saviour.

However, others would rather believe, that the “white lady” ghost is connected to a completely different story. As some records say, also the women accused of practising illegal black magic were imprisoned in the fortress. And that the white ghosts might belong to one of them. Exactly to the one who decided to finish her life jumping down the tower. To kill herself instead of being exposed to horrible tortures and declared the witch.

As for today, we are not sure who exactly this “white lady” might be. But according to the locals, the chances to meet her are high. As well as the black bishop… They both visit the castle’s premises quite often. So if you are not afraid and want to live an adventure, please do not hesitate to visit Lipowiec Castle at night! And experience its legends by yourself!