In this part of my website, I would like to present some of the most interesting polish legends, legends from Polish Jura. Legends connected to this beautiful region between the cities of Cracow and Czestochowa.

Meet the black dog of Ogrodzieniec castle, the famous Polish magician Mr Twardowski or the devil-fiddler deluding people to the rocks… Read about treasures hidden under Olsztyn castle, tragic lovers of Bobolice and Mirow castles, or about devil’s bridge… How about the story of king Wladyslaw Lokietek and his Ojcow’s cave? Or the magic of the Clock’s Rocks (Skaly Zegarowe).
Learn how the biggest desert in the middle of Europe was created…
Read the legend of Avenger from Okiennik Wielki rock – the story of love and passion. Or meet the ghost of famous Polish bishop at Lipowiec Castle
There are many wonderful stories to be discovered about this magical, picturesque land… Personally, I believe, the legends of Polish Jura are one of the most beautiful and romantic Polish fairy-tales…

Learn about most interesting Polish traditions and folklore.