Okiennik Wielki “Huge Window Rock”

Okiennik Wielki

Okiennik Wielki (directly translated from Polish means “Huge Window”) is a group of rocks near village of Skarzyce. Its name speaks for itself; the nature carved out gigantic window (of ca. 5 meters diameter) in the quite 50 meters high limestone rock. Everybody has to agree – that was an impressive work…

Okiennik Rock
Okiennik Rock

This complex of rocks is really well known among climbers; they have some more or less difficult trails here, some with the names that always move my imagination – for example: “Chimney of astronauts”, “Super action” or “Pillar of Silesia”. The tails started to be explored officially in around 1960 but up over the rocks there are also some graffiti with the dates of 1881 and 1936.

Even if you are not a climber, I recommend to visit Okiennik’s area. How about the picnic   under the rock? Or a bit of trekking around and discovering local legends about this place? More about them you can read here.