Skiing in Polish Jura

Polish Jura is maybe not the most famous and first-choice place to go skiing in Poland but if you are lucky and there is enough snow, you might really enjoy this winter sport also there. One definitive pro of skiing in Polish Jura is that the slopes are quite never crowded and the prices are really competitive. What’s more: where else you may enjoy this wonderful winter sport with some great views over picturesque medieval castles’ ruins?
The hills of Jura are not particularly high (usually 400 – 500 meters above the sea level) but you can find there some slops with ski-lifts operating in winter;

  • In Morsko
  • In Pilica, near Smolen castle:
  • In Cisowa:

There are also some cross-country ski trails:

  • Between Ryczow and Zlozeniec
  • Around Russian Hill (Ruska Gora) near Ryczow
  • Between Zawiercie and Centuria
  • From Pilica to Cisowa through St.Peters Hill (Gora sw. Piotra) – recommended only if there is a lot of snow
  • The trail around Ogrodzieniec castle with prolongation till village Zelazko
  • Paczoltowice – cross-country trail ca. 7,5 km long

And of course, as there are smaller or higher hills all around Jura there is plenty of opportunities to sledge!

castle in Mirow in winter
Mirow’s castle in winter

If you are around Jura during snowy winter, I would definitely recommend taking part in kulig; sleigh – ride – party! Its very typical polish winter tradition, connected with carnival time dating back to the XVI century when a cavalcade of horse-pulled sleighs and sleds went from one manor house to another, or from one village to the other one entertained everywhere with hearty meals followed by music or even dancing.

The most romantic kuligs are organized by the sunset or even by night (or late evening which does not make a big difference during winter months), passing through snowy fields and woods with fires, lanterns, and torches. It is a wonderful experience, definitely highly recommended and worth trying!

Kulig- traditional Polish winter attraction
Kulig- traditional Polish winter attraction