Zloty Potok

Not far from Czestochowa, in the north section of Polish Jura, tourists can find a little town, Zloty Potok. Zloty Potok, a really beautiful and interesting place itself, is situated in an area of uncommon beauty… Enclosed by hills, in the picturesque, green valley of river Wiercica, surrounded by oak and pine forests and limestone rocks’ formation. Of course, this little town is also a part of Eagles’ Nest Trail.
Even the town’s name, Zloty Potok, is very romantic. It literally means “golden stream”…

Where is this name coming from? It is connected to the fact, that not far from the village, there are two famous springs, the source of the Wiercica river. That spring forms streams, little ponds, and water meadows. Very beautiful and romantic area…

Today, the town is known for the imposing palace of Raczynski’s and the manor house of Krasinski’s family – both surrounded by a huge park.

The history of the town begins in the XII century. Actually it was mentioned for the first time in 1153. At that time it belonged to the famous noble family of Odrowaz. Probably it was they, who built the first stone-made church in Zloty Potok. Church, mentioned in the official chronicles of the XIII century. Zloty Potok was always part of nearby Janow estates. In 1852, general Wincenty Krasinski bought those estates, built a beautiful, single-stored manor, and moved there with his family.

In 1857, his son, Zygmunt Krasinski, one of the most famous poets of Polish Romantic movement, also moved-in there; together with his wife and children.
Unfortunately, shortly after his youngest, four-years-old daughter Elzbieta died. The poor child was buried in the local church, where till today we can read the following inscription:

“Of marvelous beauty was this child
– And never in her life did lie – This
Testimony, together with their tears, is
laid on this tomb – by her parents”.

How beautiful are these words… It was due to this sad death that the poet remained permanently in Zloty Potok. He gave the two springs of Wiercica river the names of his children. And till today they are called: Zygmunt and Elzbieta.

Palace and Park in Zloty Potok
Palace and Park in Zloty Potok

Some years after the death of her father, great poet, the other daughter of Zygmunt, Maria, got married to Count Edward Raczynski. The couple erected the classical palace near the earlier built manor. Immediately after the palace was ready, they designed also a beautiful park. Park with romantic lake, many hidden paths, romantic bridge, artificial waterfall, little retreats… And nowadays, we can still enjoy this green oasis…

Today, Zloty Potok is a significant point on the Polish Jura map. In addition to its nature and landscape beauty, history is also an important reason which keeps tourists visiting this little town.
Apart from the palace, manor, and park, also the local church is worth visiting. Although it was built in the XV century, the later renovations gave it a more neoclassical style. However, a careful visitor may still spot some gothic and renaissance features…

What else may I recommend you to visit there? Definitely, that would be the Zloty Potok Landscape and Nature Reserve!
Truly, the most beautiful part of Wiercica Valley. Area, which is full of lofty, old forest trees, as well as herbs and perennial plants. Of course, I can not forget about the limestone rocks’ formations. Like everywhere else on Polish Jura, also around Zloty Potok, there are many of them. For example the most famous: “Devil’s Bridge” or “Twardowski’s Gate”. You can read the legend of Mr Twardowski’s Gate rock here.

I should not forget to mention, that these rocks, their beauty, incredible shapes, and legends inspired the poet Krasinski many times. We can find their echos in his works.

Twardowski's Gate
Twardowski’s Gate rocks’ formation near Zloty Potok

To sum up, there are many reasons to visit Zloty Potok. Just like an old Polish proverb says: “For everyone -something good” 🙂